Feel the Cool Breeze and the Rush of Adrenalin

Biking on your Whistler Vacation

Feel the Cool Breeze and the Rush of Adrenalin

We know summer is right around the corner when the Whistler bike park opens and since May long weekend it’s been filled with downhill biking enthusiasts. It’s voted as the number one bike park in the world and we can see why. With over 70 beautifully maintained winding coastal forest trails to choose from suited to all abilities we offer the most terrain in North America. Find the bike park a little daunting? Take the 101 course – it’s perfect for beginners and will give you all the tips and tricks needed to ensure you are cruising along at a safe pace and enjoying yourself. They even have a women’s night Mondays and Wednesdays to encourage the ladies.

Whistler isn’t all about the downhill. There is an abundance of cross country trails around the stunning Lost Lake ranging from a simple loop to more intricate trails with narrow bridges,steeper climbs and single track paths. We also have the amazing Valley trail for the less experienced bike riders. It winds it’s way from one end of Whistler to the other connecting neighbourhoods and passing stunning lakes, view points and picnic spots.

Our friends at Gateway rentals can hook you up with downhill bikes, cross country bikes, valley trail bikes and even kids bikes and carriages. If you want a helping hand or a gentle cruise, try an E-Bike. Whistler really is the perfect place to get out in nature which will make you feel great.

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