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02/24/2021 | by harmonywhistler | Vacation Rentals

You should always check your junk email.

I love competitions. I enter as many as I can and as often as I’m allowed. On March 5th, 2020 I was cleaning up my inbox when I stumbled upon this in my junk folder – Columbia Sportswear’s Extreme Winter Giveaway Sweepstakes – You Won! (Seriously, this isn’t junk. Open it!!) My first thought was to delete it thinking it was spam but I’m so glad that I chose to open it instead.

The first part of my prize was $1000 to spend on Columbia clothing. I’ve never spent $1000 on clothing in one go and Columbia has some fantastic apparel, perfect for living in the mountains. I spent hours browsing their clothing online and scored three amazing jackets, a skirt, two tops, and some thermals for my boyfriend. 

The second part of my prize was with Extremely Canadian. They offer steep skiing clinics, freeride snowboard clinics, and private lessons with some of the best instructors on offer at Whistler Blackcomb. Unfortunately, the ski season was cut short in 2020 but they were lovely enough to extend my prize, and last Tuesday, myself and a handful of my best friends got to spend a full day up the mountain with Extremely Canadian.

Massive thanks to Mountain FM, Columbia clothing, and of course Extremely Canadian.  

Feel at home in the mountains with Harmony Whistler Vacations. 

Photo Credit: Extremely Canadian
We opted for a 9 am start time as opposed to 8:15, just to get in a little more sleep before the big day.  Our instructor was a long-term Extremely Canadian employee, Andrew Purvis, also know as Dahj. The great thing about a private lesson is that you can choose what you want to focus on and what terrain you want to ride. We chose to focus on learning how to have fun with small kickers to the side of the ski runs. As a warm-up lap, we headed back down to red chair via one of the bike trails that turn into playful ski and snowboard runs in the winter. This was a first for me, and so much fun we just had to do another right away. Even though I fell on the second one, I will for sure try this again and again. We had a strong focus on stance and leading with your front foot, using it as a peddle instead of kicking our boards around with the back foot to turn – a bad habit many snowboarders form.   
Photo Credit: Extremely Canadian

A 12-minute ride on the peak to peak gondola took us to Blackcomb mountain. A great time for some adjustments on our boards. Little did we know some of the girls had their stance too wide, another too narrow, and myself, he adjusted the heelcup to lean in more and enable me to bends my knees which was a game changer.  

Photo Credit: Extremely Canadian

Once on Blackcomb, we were shown a few secret spots, great for finding powder stashes. Instead of grabbing lunch on the mountain we rode out to the upper village and headed to Portobello for some of the best sandwiches we have ever tasted. Back up the mountain, we practiced our ollies, learned that you can also nollie (backward to an ollie, jumping from the nose of your board) and I’m pretty sure I got air on some of the side kickers. I also fell a number of times but I’ve always said if you aren’t falling you aren’t progressing so this was great to get me out of my comfort zone.

For the last run of the day, we headed back across to Whistler mountain and made the peak chair with seconds to spare before it closed for the day.  We descended into Bagel Bowl before practicing some proper carving turns and hitting more kickers all the way down the mountain back to Creekside.    

If you would like to learn a better technique and be shown some of the sweetest spots to ride on Whistler Blackcomb, I would highly suggest Extremely Canadian be a part of your next Harmony Whistler Vacation. 


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