Sliding Centre

Whistler Sports Legacies

Visit the Whistler’s Sliding Centre for a true Canadian experience.  In the winter you can bobsled or luge on the world famous track.  In the summer, visit the Sliding Centre for an incredible tour and adrenaline rush on a bobsled (summer version).  

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* Photo Credit – Mike Crane

Bobsleigh Whistler

Bobsleigh Experience

This incredible experience starts with an orientation including safety, helmet fitting, track etiquette, safety guidelines and a mock run and then you will be shuttled to the starting position with your team. After a final safety check, your pilot, you and two other participants will set off accelerating down the track at speeds of 125km+ /hour!!! At the end, the uphill outrun will slow you down until you come to a safe stop. How many people do you know that have experienced sliding down a track at 125kmph+ An experience to remember.

* Photo Credit – Whistler Sports Legacies / David McColm

Skeleton Experience

This adrenaline filled experience begins with an orientation, helmet fitting, familiarization with your sled, track etiquette, safety guidelines and a mock run. Then it is off to the start line, 1/3 of the way up the track. After a a final safety check and briefing, you will be ready to slide! You will then be navigating your way down the track where you can reach maximum speeds of 100km/hr. At the end, there is a uphill runout to slow you down where you will come to a safe stop. With the excitement and adrenaline of the first run, you will head back up for your second run. An unforgettable experience!

* Photo credit – Whistler Sports Legacies / Coast Mountain Photography

Luge Whistler

*Header photo credit – Justa Jeskova.


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