Sliding Centre

Skeleton Experience

Luge Whistler

This adrenaline filled experience begins with an orientation, helmet fitting, familiarization with your sled, track etiquette, safety guidelines and a mock run. Then it is off to the start line, 1/3 of the way up the track. After a a final safety check and briefing, you will be ready to slide! You will then be navigating your way down the track where you can reach maximum speeds of 100km/hr. At the end, there is a uphill runout to slow you down where you will come to a safe stop. With the excitement and adrenaline of the first run, you will head back up for your second run. An unforgettable experience!

Price: $179 (plus tax) per person

* Photo credit – Whistler Sports Legacies / Coast Mountain Photography

Bobsleigh Experience

Bobsleigh Whistler

This incredible experience starts with an orientation including safety, helmet fitting, track etiquette, safety guidelines and a mock run and then you will be shuttled to the starting position with your team. After a final safety check, your pilot, you and two other participants will set off accelerating down the track at speeds of 125km+ /hour!!! At the end, the uphill outrun will slow you down until you come to a safe stop. How many people do you know that have experienced sliding down a track at 125kmph+ An experience to remember!

Price: $179 (plus tax) per person.

* Photo Credit – Whistler Sports Legacies / David McColm